What are the benefits of using a contractor?

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Hiring a qualified and licensed builder gives you peace of mind that you are getting experience and knowledge that saves homeowners time and money. Sage’s team of qualified tradespeople and suppliers bring value to your project. As builders, we create a realistic timeline and oversee it from start to finish. Homeowners who hire subtrades on their own do not receive the builder’s discount and can run into problems with coordinating and sequencing the trades, resulting in delays and extra costs.

Always ask for at least three references from a contractor. Be cautious if the answers aren’t what you like. Request a realistic budget and a schedule that explains all the steps of work required and details of the materials to be used. Do online research and be fully informed. A signed contract is a valuable document to keep the contractor on task. Be aware, there are almost always changes where consultation is necessary.

Communication and trust is key to a successful project. Ask questions, be informed and work together for a wonderful outcome.

James Wise, Owner

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