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Are you looking for a unique workout that can benefit you no matter what your present fitness level may be? Vibration exercise may be just what you’ve been searching for.

JR Justesen is the enthusiastic and multi-talented physiotherapist who not only owns Parkway Physiotherapy + Performance Centre in Victoria but also purchased Vibes Fitness earlier this year. He holds the title of physiotherapist and president of the company.

There are currently three franchised locations in Victoria in addition to the one right here in Dunbar, which is both a studio and serves as the company’s franchise sales centre.

JR comments, “I purchased Vibes Fitness because I believe in the ability of this technology to provide a platform for people to work hard to safely gain strength, flexibility, balance and mobility, no matter their age. As a physio for many years, it is clear that there are fewer options for seniors to stay healthy and fit with good balance, muscle mass, circulation and mobility. I wanted to keep helping people and had used vibration training in our clinic so was familiar with the science and the great benefits it can offer people of all ages and fitness levels.”

Dunbar was selected as the first Vancouver location based on similarities it shares with the Victoria studios; both areas have golf courses nearby (Vibes workouts are popular with golfers) and similar demographics.

“My vision for this company is to bring clinical science to the field and to nurture, train and support the franchise owners and trainers of the Vibes family.” JR Justesen

“They are transforming lives for the better each and every day,” he adds.

JR’s focus as company president is to bring his medical background to the franchisees and trainers so that they can offer the most effective training programs to their clients. JR is also a trainer and spends time with members doing assessments and workouts.

What exactly is a vibration workout and what does it entail?

Vibration exercise is simply performing exercise on a vibration platform. Since the platform moves up and down it increases gravity and stimulates muscle reflexes. These factors combine to increase muscle recruitment, strength, balance, mobility and circulation.

Workouts are quick; they generally take 15 to 20 minutes. It can take a yoga slant where the emphasis is on holding poses and range of motion or it can take a strength and conditioning slant where a client performs push-up, squats, lunges and planks on the vibration platform in a circuit type of workout.

Typically three or four people workout in the small studio at one time which allows for plenty of individual attention.

Clients receive ample personal care to ensure they have an enjoyable experience, exercise with correct form and their workouts progress in a safe manner to achieve their goals.

Who can benefit from working out at Vibes? JR says, “Anybody who can benefit from weight bearing strength exercise can benefit from vibration training. Younger athletes who do the same exercises on vibration or non-vibrating platforms see small gains in comparison whereas older adults typically see significantly greater gains. We do not know why this is but it appears to relate to the increase in growth hormone and testosterone.”

Vibes Fitness studio is clean, elegantly appointed and provides a spa like atmosphere.

Potential members receive a free one-week trial where they attend three times. A trainer will meet to discuss goals, injury history and your training background. Many people feel a difference after as few as three workouts.

Members typically attend one to three times per week. Those who come once per week are usually incorporating vibration training with other fitness activities such as tennis, golf, dance, Pilates and jogging. Those who attend three times per week usually have made Vibes their primary strength and circuit training studio.

JR and trainer Nancy Mann run the Dunbar studio. Regarding the Dunbar community JR remarks, “Dunbar still has the vibe of mom and pop stores which we love. People have been very kind to us and are very welcoming to me personally and also as a business person.”

JR is extremely grateful to be able to help improve and change people’s lives. He says, “This is true of being a physiotherapist and also of being a Vibes trainer. When one can make a living helping people it is a very fine thing indeed.”

Vibes Fitness
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