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Am I enough?
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Yes! The Dailey Method – Dunbar is going to be 8 years old this August! Thousands of women, and some wonderful men have come through our doors and transformed their health, posture, outlook, made new friends and connected with old ones.

Many of these people have recovered from an injury and made dramatic healthy lifestyle changes in our Dailey Method Community. A common theme I have witnessed: people often approach our offerings with a thought pattern that they are not enough, they don’t measure up, and need to be ‘fixed.’ I notice it because I too fall for the same mistaken thinking.

Self-care, acceptance, and compassion is a journey and some days are better than others.

Can we work together to try and better ourselves but with an attitude of enlightenment that who we are today is more than enough?

Jey Wyder, Owner and Certified Instructor of The Dailey Method®

The Dailey Method
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