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Tam and his wife Lilly have owned Tam’s Custom Tailors for 18 years. They were previously located in Kerrisdale until a fire in their block forced them to look for a new location. They took over Dunbar 1-Hour Dry Cleaners in November 2018 and now offer both dry cleaning and alterations.

Their specialty is understanding and caring for fabric.

They are professionals at invisible mending (like seamlessly repairing a hole in your favourite garment), altering all types of clothing including suits, dresses and pants. They can replace a broken zipper or resize your favourite dress. Need something custom made? They can make exactly you what you need, made-to-measure.

Worried that your dress shirt will wear out to quickly with multiple dry cleanings? They gently steam press shirts as to not be harsh as with typical high hit presses.

Go see Tam when you need your garments professionally altered or cleaned.

Tam Van, Owner

4479 Dunbar Street, Vancouver BC V6S 2G4
Telephone 604-269-9440