Sunday Small Goods

100% Canadian products made primarily by B.C. artisans.
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“Where have you been?” and “This is just what Dunbar needed!” are typical customer comments when they discover Sunday Small Goods.

Dunbar’s new gem is a wonderful addition to the village. It was a stroke of good fortune that Sunday Small Goods opened on Dunbar Street as it would be equally at home on Main Street.

Partners Carly Arbuthnot and Vince Dangerfield are the creative forces behind this new business. Last December they were looking for a short-term lease to try a pop-up artisans’ market and discovered the vacant storefront. Based on their success, they renewed the lease.

They started out with bookshelves and tables to display products. The space has morphed with the addition of custom built rustic shelving, which ties in nicely with the white panelled walls and wood flooring.

Sunday Small Goods carries 100% Canadian products made primarily by B.C. artisans.

How did the store get it name? Carly laughs and says, “We joined the most relaxed day of the week with our passion for small business goods.”

Carly and Vince both come from creative backgrounds; Carly has worked in sales and marketing; she was also was the founder of her own skin and body care line, known for its all natural deodorant and distributed all across North America. She ran the business for nearly four years before selling it in 2017. Vince is a local actor who works in film and television. The couple have an adorable one-year-old baby boy named Bodhi who on occasion makes appearances at the shop.

Carly says, “My experience as an entrepreneur made me aware of the challenges of getting products carried in retail spaces.”

The concept was born out of a love for supporting local. The store is full of unique and eclectic small goods. It differs from traditional brick and mortar stores that buy wholesale. This is a full service pop-up style market place, which does not require vendors to be present. Instead they apply to be part of the collective and pay a fee to have their products represented. Some vendors carry on longer than others; this means there will always be new brands for shoppers to discover.

Sunday Small Goods gives artisans an avenue to showcase and sell their products.

Staffing, merchandising, venue rental, insurance, taxes, equipment, furniture, marketing materials, processing fees and all other necessary supplies are covered by Sunday Small Goods.

The tasteful collective features products ranging from apparel and accessories to bath and body, jewellery, wood, crafts, pottery, candles, prints, cards, food and drink.

“Some brands have just launched and it gives vendors an opportunity to sell their brand spanking new products,” says Carly.

Currently 60 vendors are part of Sunday Small Goods’ collective.

Vancouver based company Couture Therapy has been embraced by female clients. The company creates limited-edition ethical and sustainable womenswear with a minimalistic edge. This environmentally conscious brand uses natural materials such as silk, wool, organic cotton and bamboo.

Stede is another Vancouver based clothing company that designs and manufactures beautiful handmade shirts for men. Vince says, “I am a big fan of this collection.”

When entering the store there is a lovely fragrance that can’t be pinned down, and it receives many compliments; it is likely assorted bath and body products melding together.

Sealuxe’s natural body care products made in Crescent Beach may play a part in contributing to the store’s aroma. Beth and Olivia Homemade is another top seller featuring lip balms, body butters bath bombs, and soaps.

Carly and Vince are excited about the potential of their new business. They have plans to host pop ups at some of Vancouver’s outdoor summer festivals. Carly is also planning podcast interviews with artisans to highlight their companies.

If you are a vendor you will want to check out Sunday Small Goods’ website and browse through the Sunday School link. It is a valuable resource with many helpful pointers for artisans wishing to expand their business. However, please do not show up at the store with products to sell without a prearranged appointment. Instead, connect through their website or Instagram.

Carly and Vince’s enthusiasm is contagious. Drop in and meet them and discover why people are so excited about this new shop.

Welcome to Dunbar Village, Sunday Small Goods. We’ve been waiting for you!

Sunday Small Goods
4335 Dunbar Street
Vancouver BC V6S 1P8