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Hedge Trimming & Summer Bulbs
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Get the Best Value for your Hedge Trimming

Trimming hedges in the late spring or early summer after the new flush of growth slows is a great time to get long lasting value from your hedge. Trimming in May and June allows you to enjoy a tidy, straight or rounded hedge until autumn. Trimming every year is the most cost-effective way to maintain hedges.

If left to grow unpruned for too many years, Cedar hedges cannot be greatly reduced in size as they only hold two to three years of leaves on their branches.  Yews, English laurel and Boxwood will grow new branches and leaves from old wood. Cut an English laurel to the ground, and a new hedge will sprout from there. It typically takes two to three years for a hedge to fill in after such a hard pruning.

Plant Some Cheer with Gorgeous Summer Bulbs

In Vancouver, plant summer bulbs in April for blooms by summer. Find a warm spot in full sun to keep yourself busy this spring and plant cheerful blooms to enjoy during your time at home this summer.

  • Dahlias are a real treat, with many colours and their full, intricate, even gigantic blooms are riveting. These amazing bulbs will flower until autumn and can be dug out and saved for next year.
  • Alliums provide tall, purple, globe-shaped blossoms for a dramatic effect
  • Try Canna Lilies in full sun as a feature plant in a container
  • Try Calla Lilies in part shade for elegant sculptural bloom

Jessica Salvador is Co-Owner of Higher Ground Gardens, celebrating over 10 years of service in Dunbar. Higher Ground Gardens is going electric, battery-powered hedge trimming equipment providing a quiet and environmentally friendly service. 

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