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Fluffy Pancakes?

While waiting for your Fluffy pancake masterpiece, we recommend trying our Matcha Tea ice cream.

Our house-made ice cream is back for the summer. Small batch made ice cream has taken a place on the centre stage of the food service industry. And why? It is a good thing that just got better.

Making anything in small batches means fresher. The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste. There is also an endless potential of flavour combinations. There is no limit to what can go into the mix.

Our shop uses our own bakery ingredients such as lemon tarts, triple chocolate brownies, and Aunt Rosie’s carrot cake.

The Birthday Cake ice cream contains our vanilla cake and butter cream icing and has become an unexpected favorite of customers.

We are very proud of our Sweet Somethings coffee ice cream which we make from our custom blend beans. If you really like coffee and ice cream, try the Italian dessert Affogato which is ice cream drowned in espresso. Have your coffee and eat it too.

We make the best loved ice cream favorites chocolate, vanilla, salt caramel, cookies and cream, mint chip, etc. For non-dairy customer, we have house-made sorbet. You will also find new creations all the time. Coming soon is gluten-free chocolate chip cookie ice cream.

We sell all our ice creams in mason jars to take home. Our waffle cones are also made on-site. With notice, we can make you a custom flavour combination ice cream sold by the gallon for that special event or private supply. How about champagne anniversary cake ice cream? Or what about fresh B.C. strawberries fluffy pancake ice cream?

Sweet Somethings is open 9am to 9pm for the summer. Call for reservations and catering orders.

Sweet Somethings
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