Pruning Trees in Winter

Should I prune?
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Fruit Trees
Pruning and training are an important aspect of growing fruit trees. The first few years of a tree’s growth is used to establish a framework. Grow low hanging branches to make fruit picking easy. Once trees are mature, pruning keeps trees healthy and promotes the growth of fruit-bearing wood.

Winter tree pruning is done once the tree is dormant. The leaves are gone, the sap is no longer flowing. In Vancouver this work can be done in January and (weather depending) December and February.

Ornamental Trees
Prune deciduous trees during the dormant season, and broad leaf evergreens in spring just as they are pushing out new growth.

Keep Trees Healthy and Get Ready for Spring
Clear away any grass growing around the base of your fruit trees. Apply lime to the base in autumn. It takes 6 months for lime to change your soil’s pH. By spring, your tree will be primed for fruit production.

Keep trees’ and hedges’ structure intact by clearing fallen leaves out of the branches. Japanese maples often hold leaves late into fall. Leaves can trap snow which may break branches. It is recommended to manually remove the leaves.

Remember to clear snow off trees and hedges. Heavy snow load can irreparably damage your hedge by bending and breaking major branches. We love your hedges as much as you do and want to keep the shape we’ve all worked so hard on!

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