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March 2020 was the planned grand opening of Preventum Skin MD, however, COVID-19 impacted that exciting occasion when businesses were directed to close their doors. 

June 1, 2020, saw the soft opening, and although things are still not normal, Preventum Skin MD has protocols in place to offer medical and cosmetic dermatology services in a safe environment.  

Dr. Ali Farahani is a general practitioner with several years of experience in aesthetic medicine. Prior to Preventum Skin MD, Dr. Farahani founded Preventum Personalized Health in 2014 with a focus on individualized patient-centred health. His philosophy is to provide clients with options and education to allow them to make choices. The clinic is located on West 16th Avenue, just around the corner from the new business on Dunbar Street. 

Dr. Farahani and his wife Jennie Farahani (Preventum’s general manager) saw the need for Preventum Skin MD, a restorative clinic that helps people reverse their physiological age within reason.  

“Our intention is to restore our patients’ natural beauty, it is not to make them look 19 years old again.” Dr. Farahani

 As we grow older, signs of aging such as wrinkles, deflation (lack of plumpness), and formation of jowls surface. Skin can become dull and lifeless. Preventum Skin MD’s facial rejuvenation treatments help bring back a fresher looking you. 

Dr. Farahani says he sees a lot of people who are highly stressed and external pressures impact their wellness. One way to help people feel good is to restore their physical health and bring them back to their chronological age.

“Preventum Skin MD is a patient-centred model. We want to hear what you want to do,” says Dr. Farahani. 

Preventum Skin MD is not an enhancing clinic. Dr. Farahani says, “We are not interested in making you look like a Hollywood celebrity. We simply want you to feel good in and outside your skin.”

Dr. Michael Samycia specializes in cosmetic medicine and skin cancer screening. 

Head and neck surgery are Dr. Zam Dewji’s specialties. He dedicates some of his time to cosmetic Botox and fillers and has a special interest in Botox for treatment of migraines, jaw clenching, and jaw spasms. 

Dr. Melanie Levesque has recently joined Preventum Skin MD. She is a preventive family physician with a sub-specialty in aesthetic dermatology.  

Registered nurse Vicki Mulyk has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic injectables. She is a highly sought after Botox, Dysport, laser and dermal fillers trainer and regularly teaches dermatologists, dentists and general practitioners across North America. Vicki is an expert at making people look refreshed.

Jennie says, “It is rewarding to see people feel better about themselves.”

Wrinkles can be smoothed with the skillful application of Botox or Dysport. Preventum Skin MD’s experienced injectors use dermal fillers to plump the dips and hollows that give the appearance of aging resulting in a soft, non-surgical facelift.

Laser treatments rejuvenate skin and stretch marks. Laser Genesis is a favourite for giving luminescent skin. Limelight IPL photo facial helps with brown spots and redness.

Preventum Skin MD’s specialists will help you decide if a chemical peel or a silk peel with prescription-grade serums is best for you. Their PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments use the power of your own body to plump and rejuvenate your skin.

Body sculpting is also offered with TruSculpt ID, which uses the power of Radiofrequency to permanently destroy fat cells. In addition to fat loss, patients see an improved contour and shape.

Acne can be distressing. From small bumps to painful cysts and the scars that follow, this condition affects over 80 per cent of us. If you need prescription medication, Preventum Skin MD will happily see you with a referral.

Patients looking for medical dermatology treatments including mole removals and skin checks require a referral from a family doctor.

Dr. Farahani says, “Sometimes moles are cute little beauty marks but other times they are in a place or are of a size that is less beautiful. Some moles can be an ominous sign of skin cancer. Our dermatologist will be happy to see you and give you direction as to your best treatment.”

Offering private full-body screenings is very important to the Preventum team. Dr. Farahani comments, “It is our personal value to encourage regular check-ups. Skin cancer prevention is key, and it is becoming more prevalent in younger people.”

Dr. Farahani concludes with a smile, “We live locally. We know parents that our kids go to school with. We have been here for eight years and hope to be here for another 30. Preventum Skin MD offers high-quality service for busy families. There is no need to make a trip downtown. We enjoy making people feel good.”

Preventum Skin MD

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