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Vicki Bell fell in love with Dunbar the moment she first visited the neighbourhood 14 years ago. When the affable massage therapist contemplated business ownership she knew this was the perfect location for Massage Therapy on Dunbar.

Vicki and her husband Dion Bell left their hometown of Prince Rupert in 2000 to pursue career changes. Vicki was accepted to attend the well-respected West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She was aware massage therapists were in high demand and was excited to move to the big city with its bright lights and endless urban opportunities. 

After graduating, Vicki was hired as a massage therapist at a clinic in Dunbar where she worked until she decided to venture out on her own in 2011 to open Massage Therapy on Dunbar. Vicki had become smitten with this charming and quiet community and felt like she had come full circle, in a good way. 

She remarks, “I loved the homey feeling of seeing people walking down the street, making eye contact and saying hello.” 

Decorated in neutral shades of white and taupe with wood wall panels and floral artwork, along with dimmed lighting and soft music, a tranquil atmosphere is created for clients to wind down.

Vicki feels extremely fortunate to work alongside her loyal team of registered massage therapists. 

The all female therapist team takes pride in full commitment to their clients’ well being. They work to alleviate the cause of muscular stress or imbalance, using both manual and active therapies. 

“We provide treatment and relief from chronic and acute pain, while improving physical vitality and general well-being.” Vicki Bell

Therapeutic massage is used for acute and chronic injuries or full body stress reduction. Treatments are individually tailored to suit a client’s body and needs. Therapists always work with a comfortable pressure for their clients, whether it is a deep tissue massage or lighter treatments. One therapist also specializes in craniosacral therapy. 

Vicki says, “Massage has become more popular with every age group.” Massage Therapy on Dunbar treats entire families. Some clients seek treatment for headaches, repetitive strains, car accidents or sporting injuries. Working at computers for extended hours and the weight of heavy backpacks and purses can also cause aches and pains. 

“We are seeing an increase in people taking care of their health and leading healthy lifestyles,” Vicki reports. 

Six years after opening the Dunbar clinic, Vicki realized the demand for appointments was beyond the small clinic’s capacity, so she decided to open a second location in Point Grey. 

Massage Therapy in Point Grey is conveniently close to Dunbar. In addition to being able to hire more therapists, some of the team work at both locations to offer clients more appointment times, and it has been an overwhelming success.

Vicki mentions, “Our clients are excited they now have the option of two locations. If they are unable to get an appointment at Dunbar they can check what’s available at Point Grey and book online.”

Making clients happy is a great perk of Vicki’s job. She says, “It is a pleasure to see people arrive happy as they look forward to their appointment, and leave feeling less discomfort, better mobility and relaxed.”

Running two locations is a labour of love, which Vicki thoroughly enjoys. Vicki mentions with a laugh, “A day in my life includes treatments, administrative work, ordering supplies, and lots of cleaning and laundry.” She adds, “I am very busy. I really enjoy what I am doing. I love having everything organized and in order.”

“Dion is always a huge support, especially during the hectic renovations of both clinics. He helps me with so many things every day at each office. He takes care of I.T., has done office repairs, built both websites, installed every picture, mirror and sign; the list goes on and on,” she says.

Participating in the community is important to Vicki. She enjoys Dunbar Village Business Association’s events and has enjoyed participating in events such as Harvest Fest and Trick or Treat in Dunbar Village. Contributing gift certificates to school and church fundraisers is another way Vicki likes to show her support.

The holidays are almost upon us and with the hustle and bustle that will soon take its toll, why not think about giving a gift certificate for a therapeutic or relaxation massage to someone on your gift list? Easy to organize, you can purchase gift certificates through Massage Therapy on Dunbar’s website. It can be mailed or sent directly via email to the lucky recipient. It may end up being the most appreciated gift this season!

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