H Mart

Korean grocery store

Produce: Bean Sprouts, Fruits in season, Vegetable, Fruits, Tofu, Fish

Fish: Salted Fish, Dried Fish, Frozen Seafood, seafood

Meat: Pork, Beef, Chicken

Grocery: Powder/Mix, Snack, Rice/Grains, Frozen Food, Processed Food, Sauce, Coffee, Ramyun, Kimchi, Sauces/Spices, Roasted Laver, Fish Cake, Can Drink, Instant Food,

Houseware: Electronics, Bedding, Underware, Home Care

Deli, Catering, Bakery

Since H-Mart opened the first store in Woodside, Queens, N.Y in 1982, it has expanded remarkably in the USA and Canada, now operating as many as 42 stores.

Leading Asian food retail industry under the slogan of “passion and sincerity”.

Quality products at the lowest price possible to customers through the entire resources planning system which secures optimal inventory, lowest purchasing cost and maintenance of freshness.

5557 Dunbar Street
Vancouver V6N 1W5 BC Canada
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