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If you don’t know what osteopathy is, Carolyne Abrams the friendly osteopathic practitioner who operates the Light Healing clinic admits she had no idea either when she first heard of it in her early 20s.

“While I was working in a natural food store in Toronto I met someone who had gone to a naturopathic and osteopathic college in London, England. I was very interested in naturopathy and decided to go to the college. When I went I had no idea what osteopathy was! Once I got there, I found I had an aptitude for the hands-on work of osteopathy and focussed on that aspect of natural healing,” she says.

Carolyne moved to Vancouver in 2004 after studying and living in England for almost 17 years. Prior to moving to Vancouver she worked as an osteopathic practitioner in New Zealand for one year.

She established her Dunbar practice in 2011, which is located in the Pacific Mountain Centre at Dunbar Street and W. 17th Avenue. The centre includes three psychologists and a massage therapist.

Carolyne is an osteopathic practitioner and energy healer.

She explains, “I use a number of healing modalities in my practice and treat all body structures. Some physical techniques I use include soft tissue work such as massage, joint mobilizations and pressure points to release tight muscles. The more subtle techniques I use include working with the energy flow in the body to maximize the health, vitality and nutrition of the cells and organs.”

For the past 27 years Carolyne has continued to develop her work and now incorporates healing practices from many spiritual traditions. She points out, “These practices work powerfully and synergistically with the cranial osteopathy and structural osteopathy training that remain strong tools within my Light Healing practice.”

“The benefit of having both physical and energetic healing techniques is that I’m able to approach an injury, condition, or structural problem on all levels as appropriate: physical, emotional, and spiritual, ” Carolyne says.

One of the modalities Carolyne uses in her practice is cranial osteopathy. To stimulate healing, gentle hand pressure and intention is used to release blockages preventing full function and expression of that tissue.

First hand experience with an injury led Carolyne to explore cranial osteopathy.

“My experience of cranial osteopathy started in my second year of college when I was treated with cranial osteopathy following a wrist and shoulder injury. These injuries were threatening my ability to do osteopathy so I sought treatment from an experienced practitioner. After a few sessions my injuries were healed and I was able to complete my osteopathic training. From this experience I decided to add cranial osteopathy as a treatment modality. I took post-graduate courses in cranial osteopathy as well as training in pediatric cranial osteopathy.

Clients often come to Light Healing when they’ve tried the conventional medical route and have not been satisfied with the results, or when they’d like a different approach.

Even when having medical treatment clients often want treatment to help to maintain their health and vitality.

Carolyne reports, “I see this particularly with clients who are undergoing treatment for cancer. As well, I’ve been in practice long enough that many clients come to me first when something goes wrong; either to eliminate the need to see a doctor or to start the healing process right away.”

Her clients range from babies in the womb to seniors.

Intrauterine treatment of babies usually relates to optimal positioning for birth. It can also help move the baby to a more comfortable position for the mother during pregnancy. She treats many newborns after a difficult pregnancy or birth that may cause colic, feeding and sleeping problems. Women come for treatment of menstrual difficulties as well as issues during or after pregnancy. For both women and men, treatment for problems resulting from car accidents is common. Seniors can have difficulties with mobility due to arthritis and osteopathy helps keep them mobile.

For Carolyne satisfaction comes from giving babies and children the best possible start to life. It also comes from seeing adults recover from an injury or acute condition or helping them cope more successfully with a chronic condition.

When asked if it takes a special kind of person to do this work Carolyne humbly answers, “I like to use the analogy of playing the piano. Everyone can learn to do it; however, some people have more of an aptitude for it than others. I’m fortunate to be one of those with an aptitude for this kind of work. I continue to develop my abilities through study, experience and meditation.”

From September 1 to October 31 Carolyne is offering a special back to school and work discount of 10% off to new patients.

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