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Self-esteem and rising anxiety are extremely relevant childhood issues.

Indigo Education was established five years ago to help children gain confidence, develop life skills and provide a foundation for lifelong success.

Participating in arts or performing arts can vastly improve children’s confidence. Through artistic pursuits their self-esteem grows; they develop poise and can overcome anxieties. Self-expression is nurtured which helps shape young people into well-rounded humans.

Indigo Education’s programs are designed for children ranging from 2-year-olds to teenagers, with a focus on public speaking, emcee training, creative writing, drama and much more.

Their client base is partially comprised of new immigrants who are planting roots in an unfamiliar country, but registration is open to all children seeking an opportunity to learn with Indigo Education’s professional staff.

Indigo Education owner Micayla Xiong explains how difficult it can be for immigrants to transition to our Canadian lifestyle. She experienced this firsthand when she moved to Canada from China with her children, and as a result she created Indigo Education to help make it easier for others.

“We want to help people find that balance.” Micayla Xiong

“There is an old saying in Chinese, ‘Walking ten thousand miles, reading ten thousand books.’ We encourage kids to reach out and participate in all kinds of activities that will benefit them later in life,” says Micayla.

The centre is located on Collingwood Street just south of West 41st Avenue. It’s a busy facility with a lot going on inside as well as outside at community events. Learning takes place after school for school age children with some classes for younger children offered during the day.

When the school needs additional space, such as to prepare for fashion shows, they utilize the Dunbar Community Centre.

Year round Indigo Education organizes speech competitions, musicals, fashion shows along with spring break and summer camps.

Children participate in events such as Baby Family Week and Oakridge Kids Fashion Week where they model and/or introduce their peers. Some brave little ones go on stage holding their parent’s hand.

Indigo Education’s manager Matt Rideout says, “We believe children deserve a platform as big as they can dream, to showcase their talents and what they learn from our courses.”

In addition to being the centre’s manager, Matt is also an instructor. He lived in China for six years and is familiar with the different cultures. He mentions that all of Indigo Education’s instructors are supportive and enjoy seeing children grow and in turn, take and apply their new confidence at their schools.

Matt says the instructors are excited that students will be participating in Bridal Fashion Week.

Standing on a stage and addressing an audience takes courage.

Micayla points out, “Our teachers are all native speakers with many years of experience in teaching creative writing and public speaking. They teach children to stand bravely on the stage.”

“Children feel differently about themselves after standing in front of a microphone,” she adds.

Joseph Spitale is Indigo Education’s Artistic Director. He is a professional actor who has directed Broadway musicals. He lends his coaching talents to children enrolled in the Emcee training classes.

Heather Parsons has vast experience in Early Childhood Education. She has taught young children for many years and helps Indigo Education’s students master the English language. In addition, she and her colleagues prepare students and their parents for private school assessments and interviews.

Undoubtedly, the greatest reward for all of the instructors at Indigo Education is seeing a child’s confidence blossom. It’s a life long gift they can impart, and making a difference is a driving force behind all of the courses and services Indigo Education offers.

Indigo Education
5737 Collingwood Street, Vancouver BC V6N 4K6
Telephone 778-855-7869