Fluffy Pancakes?

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You may have noticed the recent buzz around Sweet Somethings coffee and fresh bake shop. This is due to new menu items: Fluffy pancakes and house-made small batch ice cream!

In May, we added fluffy pancakes to our Sunday brunch menu. They have been a sellout each time.

On a recent trip to Japan, I got to experience this little taste of heaven and brought the recipe back to Dunbar.

Fluffy pancakes taste like a cross between angel food cake and pancakes.

They are, of course, fluffy and that is because of the extra egg whites in the batter.

Add butter, maple syrup, berries, whip cream on top and they are addictive. Or you can put whatever you desire on these little canvases.

Making fluffy pancakes is tricky. Since the fluffiness comes from the whipped egg whites, the batter must be made immediately before putting them on the griddle. Having the right flipping technique is perhaps the most difficult and important part. The burns on our hands are proof of this challenge. If you wreck the flip, you have to start over.

Fluffies should be served hot off the grill for the ultimate result. You do not want them to collapse. In Japan, the pancakes are made only on the hour in some shops due to the finickiness of the whole process. Anything good is worth the wait!

Watch out for fluffy pancakes service expanding to other days of the week as we fine tune our flipping skills!

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