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Dunbar Physio is celebrating its 35th year in business.

Peter Curtain is a physiotherapist and he is also the owner of Dunbar Physio. Peter began working at the clinic in 1989 after relocating to Vancouver from his native Australia. In 1992 he purchased the business and has enjoyed seeing the clinic transform and grow over the last 30 years.

Dunbar Physio remains at its original location at West 41st Avenue between Dunbar and Collingwood Streets; it has undergone two extensive renovations over the years. The first renovation took place in 2004, which saw the clinic double in size, and in 2012 an additional 1,000 square feet was added.

The number of staff has increased, and the services have expanded to include massage therapy and a second rehabilitation gym.

Typical issues the clinic’s physiotherapists and massage therapists treat include joint injuries, neck and back pain, chronic pain issues, sports injuries and rehab, overuse injuries, strains and sprains, post-surgical rehabilitation, joint replacement, and geriatric issues including falls prevention.

Curtain’s team works to alleviate symptoms and determine the cause of the client’s condition and remedy it. Their goal is to return clients to normal function and activity.

Clients include recreational and elite athletes, business professionals, manual labourers, computer programmers and avid gardeners. They range in age from 1 to 101 years of age.

“More and more, we are seeing clients well over 70 years old as people are keeping active later in life.” Peter Curtain

Dunbar Physio’s top priorities are patient care and delivering a quality product.

What makes Dunbar Physio stand out? The team of physiotherapists and massage therapists are very well educated and continuing education is a large part of the profession. Team members attend seminars and present back to the group. In addition, groups of therapists will share their knowledge at monthly meetings.

Peter says, “We have been at it for a long time. We all really enjoy what we do and it shows in the results.”

He and his staff believe that all clients are special. From the moment you arrive at the front desk, where your experience begins, through to the treatment room, it is all about personal service.

Peter acknowledges the dedicated work of office manager Nancy Dorrington and the office’s three receptionists: Lori French, Afsoon Majdi and Fiaza Ahmed. He says, “They care about the patients and they play such an important role in interacting with them.”

The therapist team includes Dikla Barer, Heather Baxter, Nick Britnell, Joe Brooker, Jonathan Coelho, Mary Sew, Anand Shetty, Marianna Silanteva and Renata Szado.

The clinic is open long hours six days a week to accommodate the busy lives we all lead (Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday: 8:00am to 4:00pm).

Dunbar Physio participates in many of Dunbar Village Business Association’s events. They always have a presence at the Harvest Festival. Peter says, “It’s an opportunity to meet and mingle and fly the clinic’s flag.”

Giving back through sponsorships is import-ant to Dunbar Physio. The clinic currently supports the “Just Giver 4 Parkinson’s Disease” Cycling Club, Vancouver Community Baseball, the UBC Triathlon Club and two Dunbar Physio soccer teams – the over 45s and the over 50s.

Peter lives in the neighbourhood and remarks, “It’s the best city in the world. You can see why Dunbar is such an attractive place to live with its proximity to Musqueam and Pacific Spirit Parks along with the nearby river and ocean. But my favourite thing about Dunbar has to be the people.”

He leads an active lifestyle with his wife and two children. Tennis and surfski paddling (which he describes as “an advanced kayak”), and cycling are his favourite sporting pastimes. In addition, Peter sits on the Business Affairs Committee of the Physio Association of B.C. and the board of the Jericho Paddling Association.

What is the greatest reward of Peter’s job? He does not hesitate when he replies, “It is simply helping people.”

“People come in and we assess, diagnose and treat them. We resolve issues and help them,” he says.

The highest form of recognition for Dunbar Physio is the constant stream of referrals they receive from satisfied, happy clients. Physicians, specialists, dentists and other healthcare professionals are also valued for their referrals.

He sums up, “To hear feedback and receive recommendations based on the excellent therapy a client receives is just fantastic.”

Dunbar Physio
205-3540 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver BC V6N 3E6