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Dentist Returns to His Roots

From an early age Dr. David Hou knew he wanted to be a dentist. His experience with orthodontic work began in grade 6 when he made monthly visits over the course of three years to have his braces adjusted. His dentist always made the experience comfortable and fun.

“My career choice had a lot to do with how I was treated at the dentist’s office.”

Born in Vancouver, Dr. Hou grew up in Dunbar. During his teenage years he did some job shadowing and mentoring to get a feel for the profession. He was hooked. After graduating he followed his dream and set off for sunny California where he attended the University of California and completed his dental training at Loma Linda University Medical Centre. In 2006 Dr. Hou returned to Vancouver to continue practicing dentistry.

Dr. Hou has been a dentist in the Lower Mainland for the past 10 years. Two years ago he began practicing at Dunbar Family Dental.

His busy private practice includes himself, his certified assistant, his team of two hygienists and two receptionists. Three operatory rooms contain televisions on the ceiling for patients to relax and enjoy a show and headphones to listen to music.

Some of the newest technology includes a digital panoramic X-ray machine that provides a broad view of jaws and teeth. Digital X-rays provide a clearer image compared to film and expose patients to 90 per cent less radiation than a traditional X-ray. The results are instant and can be viewed on a computer monitor, making it an educational experience for patients.

He also utilizes a VELscope machine to screen for oral cancer and abnormal tissue conditions.

Services includes everything from conventional braces for children to Invisalign for adults, check ups, fillings, crowns, root canals, implants and wisdom teeth removal. Oral sedation is available for those who need it or for certain procedures such as implants and wisdom teeth.

Dr. Hou says the overall oral health care has improved so much in the past 20 years that far fewer people are requiring dentures. Many patients are opting for more permanent and practical solutions such as dental implants.

Dr. Hou is committed to providing the best and most up to date care. He regularly attends continuing education courses and is a member of multiple dental study clubs in the Lower Mainland. This allows him to stay up to the date with the newest advances and techniques in the field.

He points out, “Variety in a day makes it fun for me too.”

It is apparent Dr. Hou is passionate about his profession and thoroughly enjoys work. He is extremely person-able and likes meeting new people. He says his entire staff tries their best to make a visit to the office a positive experience.

He encourages parents to bring their children in before two years of age. Feeling comfortable and making the experience fun is key. He says, “A large part of the visit is introducing them to the office and getting them used to coming.” Selecting a prize afterwards from the treasure chest is always a special treat.

Dr. Hou takes pride in offering family dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and forming good relationships with his patients.

Dunbar residents are largely his patient base as they appreciate the convenience of having a dentist close to home. Dunbar Family Dentist’s youngest patient is age two and the oldest is 101. New patients are happily accepted. Dr. Hou speaks both English and Mandarin.

In addition to busy days at his practice, Dr. Hou holds a part-time academic position at UBC. He teaches clinical dentistry (which includes general procedures, fillings, crowns and dentures) to third and fourth year students one day a week and enjoys the experience.

Dunbar Family Dental Dunbar Life Palla MediaDr. Hou believes Dunbar hasn’t changed much since he was young. He finds it a charming place to live and own a business. He is very supportive of the good work accomplished by the Dunbar Residents’ Association and the Dunbar Village Business Association.

Reflecting back on Dunbar from his youth, he notes what remains unchanged is the strong sense of community and it is a safe place to grow up. Some of his fond memories include playing floor hockey and tennis at the Dunbar Community Centre and sipping milkshakes at the former Sodas Diner. Today he and his wife enjoy the walkable neighbourhood. They like to shop at Stong’s Market, dine out and take in a film at the Dunbar Theatre.

He says, “Dunbar is a close knit community. It is very fortunate that I am back and I am blessed to be here.”

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