Do people still have funerals?

Do people still have funerals, and if so, what is the purpose of them? by Valerie Martell
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Funerals have been around forever, and are still just as important today. In order to understand why we still have funerals, it is important to understand what happens when we face the loss of a loved one. Loss sets grief into motion, and with it, feelings such as sadness and anger. We express our grief through mourning. Some examples of mourning are crying, talking about the death, and most importantly, having a funeral. Funerals allow us to openly express our grief, in the comforting presence of others. When we gather for a funeral we honour the deceased by bringing together each unique relationship our loved one once had, helping one another to a place where the sharp edges of the pain of grief are softened, and replaced with loving memories.

Funerals don’t have to be traditional, and although there is still room for tradition, many people are searching for something more unique. Martin Brothers Funeral Services is a custom funeral provider, offering funerals reflective of individual taste and style. Most importantly, we create services that provide family and friends a time to gather and mourn.

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