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Will martial arts teach my child to exhibit violent behaviour at school or at home?

Discipline, self-esteem and respect are the foundational principles of a good Martial Arts program.

These values will teach your child how to control their emotions and reduce the likelihood of violent or aggressive behaviour.

Just like at home or at school, discipline in a Martial Arts studio is a process of teaching your child what types of behavior are acceptable and what types are not. It is important for your child to understand how, when, and where it is safe to release their frustrations physically.

A supportive training environment can go a long way in building up your child’s feelings of self-worth. Having confidence in one’s own worth or abilities can erase the types of vulnerabilities that lead to outbursts and even bullying. Especially for children who are already rambunctious, a solid Martial Arts program can help channel this energy into positive demonstrations of physical excellence.
Martial Arts allows the individual to grow and blossom within a group environment that creates strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Being coached on the importance of respect for oneself and one’s training partner is a lesson that will carry on in your child’s life and strengthen their ability to work cooperatively with others.

In short, Martial Arts students often have improved methods for conflict resolution at home and at school without needing or wanting to resort to violent or aggressive behaviors. By encouraging your child’s desire to learn Martial Arts, you are supporting the development of a more assured and confident young person (who also possesses effective self-defence skills).

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