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Shannon Hann is the owner of 30 Minute Hit on West 41st Avenue. Four years ago she left behind careers in the public market sector and hospitality industry to kick off a new career in the fitness industry.

Shannon says, “I decided to purchase 30 Minute Hit in June of 2014. I was ready to be my own boss and take on the challenges of running my own business. I’ve always been passionate about helping others and I felt this was a great opportunity to really make a difference in women’s lives.”

Originally from Northern Ontario, Shannon attended Brock University in St. Catharines where she played on the Varsity Women’s Basketball Team and graduated with a degree in Health Science and Business Administration. After graduating, she travelled across Europe and lived in London, England and Australia before coming back to Canada where she planted roots in Vancouver.

“I absolutely love the healing effects of the forest as well as being able to visit places like Whistler, Tofino or the Okanagan in the summer,” she says.

Shannon put her athletic and business administration background to good use when she purchased her 30 Minute Hit franchise.

What does a 30 Minute Hit workout consist of? It is a high intensity boxing/kickboxing circuit designed just for women. It is challenging, empowering and appeals to all levels of fitness and all ages.

The goal is to provide women with a non-intimidating and friendly environment where they receive an effective and safe workout.

The program was developed with the needs of the modern woman in mind. Many women are interested in kickboxing and martial arts workouts but have not taken part in these activities for several reasons such as time commitment or the intimidation factor that goes along with regular martial art schools involving both sexes.

30 Minute Hit addresses these realities by offering an effective 30 minute workout with no set class times, a child-minding area, as well as a professional instructor who is with members every step of the way to ensure proper technique at each station, while re-enforcing confidence and creating a culture of empowerment.

“Today, with women leading such busy lives, 30 minutes is often all they can dedicate to physical activity.” Shannon Hann

Interval training is one of the most effective forms of exercise to increase metabolism and lose weight. The circuit is designed to get fast, proven, repeatable results. Members who commit to three visits a week see results in a short period of time, from increased strength to weight loss, stress relief, and increased mental and emotional health.

Shannon says, “At 30 Minute Hit we want to maximize our member’s time and effort by boosting energy levels and building self-confidence. When women feel more energized and confident, it translates directly into their professional and personal lives.”

“We offer a complimentary 30 minute free trial session so you have nothing to lose but self-doubt and everything to gain in confidence.” Shannon Hann

Shannon is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to create a safe and positive environment for women to make their health a priority.

She mentions, “Because the workout is only 30 minutes, most of my members are from the Dunbar, Kerrisdale and Kitsilano areas. Having said that, once you become a member at one location, you are free to use the locations across B.C. and the rest of Canada and the United States. All memberships are unlimited and include free gloves and wraps.”

“What I really love about this neighbourhood is its cultural diversity. I meet young people from other countries who are attending school and are living in the neighbourhood. I also meet women who have lived here their entire lives and are now raising their own families.”

Shannon is aware that many of the small businesses in the area are still run by individuals and families. She appreciates this and comments, “It is something you see less and less in other areas of Vancouver.”

30 Minute Hit has an incredible team of motivated and energetic trainers who are committed to helping its community of women reach their goals.

While Shannon is busy administering the business she remarks, ”It is very important to keep regular training hours on the floor because I love connecting on a personal level with members and watching their transformations both physically and emotionally.”

Members’ testimonials speak for themselves; Lindsay Forestell has glowing words to share. “It is an amazing, energetic atmosphere. Whether it is the trainers or the other members hitting with you, I never leave without a smile. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and it motivated me to run a half-marathon and sign up for a another. Every woman in the gym is rooting for you to succeed and join our amazing community.”

Whynn Mallette is also thrilled with the results. She says, “I have lost 67 pounds and a whole bunch of inches not to mention I am more confident than I have ever been.”

Carlotta Ritchie concurs, “I have lost weight and increased muscle tone which forces me to unabashedly make people look at my flexed arms. I figure at 68 years old I don’t have to be modest about physical accomplishments. I have gained self-confidence and a sense of well-being.”

Shannon concludes, “The best part of my job has always been being able to help reveal to women the power they already have inside themselves. Seeing the difference in a women’s self-confidence from the beginning of their free trial to their sense of accomplishment after they finish will always be such a rewarding experience for me.”

30 Minute Hit
3516 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6
Telephone 604-569-3233